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Design and construction of ORs

Over 15 years of experience in customized and avant-garde solutions

We offer high quality design and construction “turnkey” solutions for ORs and clinical departments.

Our team of highly specialized experts will guide you in the choice of the best options for the realization of the project: from the study to the set up of your hospital ward, including maintenance.

Thanks to our complete project management you will benefit from time and costs optimization and the most efficient medical equipment, selected from the world’s leading manufacturers.

With our turnkey solutions you can achieve maximum efficiency and integration between clinical departments, and achieve improvements in your hospital performances (increased hygiene and infection controls).

Advantages for our customers

  • Realization of “Turnkey” projects
  • Progettazione personalizzata in ambiente BIM*
  • Rendering in realtà aumentata
  • Allestimento di apparecchiature all’avanguardia

Our offer

We directly negotiate with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to best meet your needs. Our offer includes:

Modular prefabricated panels

Custom panels are integrated into your personalized furniture. They are flexible, they guarantee maximum hygiene control and they can be customized with prints. We also offer modular glass panels where you can add backlighting and LED lights of variable color, to insert a warm and cozy shade in your clinical areas.

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

We design, install, test and maintain our AHUs to meet the highest standards of quality for air treatment in the hospital. These compact and easy-to-install units occupy smaller spaces, ensuring maximum efficiency in the OR.

Custom furniture

We customize the design of your furniture to maximize space and we grant the respect of the requirements in terms of duration and staff’s needs.


We offer PVC, resin and fiberglass with titanium dioxide inserts flooring. Exposing them to the light, they are able to eliminate more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and molds.

Ceilings and wall elements

Our systems include the construction of columns with variable height devices and accessory tray, dedicated and safe electrical outlets, complete sets of medical gas supply.

A complete approach to the ORs environment

Nowadays ORs must be wide, easy to clean and well lit, designed to match the trends in surgery sector.

We consider many factors during the design of the ORs:

Service areas: all areas of support for ORs, such as service areas for patient and staff, post-operative units, warehouses and premises for the disposal of used materials

Size and shape of available space: optimized to favor patient centrality and flexible enough to accommodate different types of procedures, with related medical equipment

Power supply: electrical systems with emergency generators

Ventilation: separate air treatment systems for each ORs in order to improve flow availability and allow reductions in energy consumption when an ORs is not active

Installation of specific ultraclean ventilation systems, which restock the surrounding areas of operating table with big quantities of filtered air.