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Realization flow of your healthcare structures

Through a multi-step process, we provide you optimized medical systems based on your needs:

Technical evaluation

We visit your venue to estimate spaces volume, structural and electromechanical requirements, identify any technical limits, verify your structure’s current state collecting information and technical drafts.

We collect your operative and clinical goals directly from Managers, Doctors and medical staff, considering:

  • Medical needs,
  • Limits,
  • Amount of procedures expected,
  • Current procedures,
  • Medical, technical and nursing flows,
  • Patients’ needs and flows.

Customized design options that optimize flows and functions

  • We identify functions, paths and interactions,
  • We support flows optimizations
  • We re-organize functional and indoor spaces
  • We develop engineering and architecture
  • We overhaul operational processes.

Clinical departments configurations and implementation management

  • We manage planning and budget of the whole project,
  • We provide you a risks evaluation
  • We grant you quality in the management of health and safety aspects,
  • We perform regular place inspections,
  • We control and coordinate suppliers and technical partners,
  • We fully test and set up medical devices and spaces.