Via Salvo D'Acquisto 8/14, Turate (CO)
+39 02944791

Our Headquarters

Our offices

Since 2020, our new headquarters in Turate, Italy has served as a pathway for innovation and efficiency —  values that drive our commitment to providing solutions and services aimed at improving healthcare.

Our HQ offers an optimal working environment and integrates these following spaces that support our work in providing the best solutions for our customers.

Our Clean Room

This contamination-controlled environment has active air filtration that provides a sterile and aseptic work area.

It is used as a laboratory for the highly sterile production of our custom Prontopac™ procedural packs.

Our Showroom

The showroom is part of our commitment to helping customers choose the best solutions for their situation. This space includes an advanced operating room, equipped with the most modern finishes and technologies.

This allows our customers to feel the quality of the proposed products and solutions for constructing operating rooms and selecting the most advanced medical equipment.

Our Warehouse

Our 1500-square-meter warehouse stores more than 6000 products to satisfy our customers’ needs and requests.

It stores the goods destined for our customers’ locations and our widespread distribution service throughout the territory ensures the speed of each shipment.

Clean Room
Show Room
Show Room