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A tailor-made solution to improve the efficiency of your hospital departments

In the 30 years since, NGC Medical produces high quality, sterile, ready-to-use procedural packages to promptly respond to the specific needs of hospitals, laboratories and clinic departments.

Customized procedural kits

The procedural kits and the medical-surgical instruments offered are customized and tailored to your specific needs by our Team of highly qualified professionists who will guide you through the choice of biomedical tools.

Once the kit design is finalized, you will be provided with free sterile samples so you can evaluate them. The procedural packages can be updated or modified if new needs arise during tests. Once the definitive composition of the custom kit has been confirmed, it will be product.

Thanks to the profound knowledge of our team of experts, we are able to guarantee a regular production and implementation of the kits. This knowledge is the result of daily collaboration with the main figures and functions of hospital staff, as well as with designers and production workers and internal logistics at NGC Medical.

Efficiency and advantages

The use of a single tailor-made procedural package allows not only to improve the efficiency of hospital departments, but also to offer a safe environment for the patient.

These procedural packages favor:

  • Standardization of procedures with reduction of preparation time, reorganization of operating theaters and intervention;
  • Independence in warehouse management and cost-saving of biomedical material sterilization;
  • Safety for the patient in the operating room: sterility of the medical-surgical instruments.

A quality-oriented solution

Our daily commitment is to provide high quality procedural packages.

We select only high quality suppliers who have a careful regulation of the production process.

We follow strict operating procedures to ensure that every procedural package is produced exactly according to the required technical specifications and that the configuration and packaging are accurate.

Our internal Quality Management System guarantees that each procedural package created by NGC Medical respects CE0051 certification, made in an ISO 8 sterile room and controlled according to the international quality standard ISO 13485.