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Get Ready®

Our patient engagement and remote monitoring solution

COVID-19 has put unprecedented strain on hospital resources, while fear of infection is keeping patients who need care away from healthcare settings. That is why hospitals are now looking for ways to reserve capacity while sustaining access to care and reducing unnecessary exposure for staff and patients alike. 

To answer this need and to prepare hospitals for the future of remote medicine, we have developed a comprehensive patient engagement and remote monitoring solution – Get Ready®.  

Get Ready® is the digital healthcare solution that connects patients and doctors to enable remote care coordination and management. This solution allows hospitals to monitor patients from home, following up and tracking them through online questionnaires. 

Get Ready® helps hospitals and healthcare professionals triage, prepare, follow up, and monitor patients remotely during COVID-19 and beyond, by freeing up resources, reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and optimizing the use of resources. 

It is a highly secure and flexible solution that can be: 

  • Applied to different cases; 
  • Used for various therapies ; 
  • Customized to the specific needs of the hospital. 

The benefits of Get Ready®    

Optimization of patient flows and hospital capacity 

Cost reduction and efficiency increase  

Data security and GDPR compliance 

Better clinical outcomes

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