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Managed Services

A state-of-the-art approach to CathLabs, ORs and Hybrid Surgeries

Our Managed Service is a model for the design, construction and management of CathLabs, ORs and hybrid rooms, and is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Managed Service, designed to meet your needs

Our offering is based on the following four pillars:

Turnkey Set-up

Supply Chain Management

Accelerating Patient pathways

Digital Solutions

Turnkey Set-up

This includes design, construction and maintenance of clinical departments, hemodynamics laboratories, operating rooms and hybrid rooms. Our construction and design team takes care of conceiving and structuring wards and rooms using advanced information systems to ensure the design meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

This model features a single point-of-contact, able to respond to your every need, from selecting to installing to maintaining medical equipment (guaranteed through a full risk service at no additional cost).

Supply Chain Management

Thanks to established relationships with all major medical device manufacturers, we guarantee the ready availability of technologically advanced materials. We use state-of-the-art IT systems to manage your warehouse and to respect the clinical preferences of each facility.

Accelerating Patient Pathways

Our patient flow optimization strategies and targeted scheduling of interventions within your facility allow you to maximize the use of resources and optimize how they are used within departments.

Digital Solutions

Our use of advanced technologies and the quality of our Managed Service have helped our customers create true Centers of Excellence, becoming a reference point at the national level.

The advantages of our Managed Service

Hospitals and clinics are faced with several challenges:

  • Limited economic resources
  • Need for technological renewal
  • Need to optimize performance
  • Need to deliver more services

Through the adoption of our Managed Service and our Single Cost per Procedure service, our customers can find a solution to these challenges and benefit from several advantages:

  • Initial costs for design, construction, supply of warehouses covered by NGC Medical
  • Better use of resources
  • Greater cost efficiency
  • Increased capacity with benefits on waiting lists
  • Standardized diagnostic and therapeutic pathways to reduce risks
  • Full predictability of expenses thanks to fixed cost per procedure
  • More time to manage patients
  • More prepared patients
  • Standardized care pathways
  • Increased availability of technologically advanced equipment and devices
  • Structured management model that facilitates the tasks of paramedical staff
  • Access to the latest clinical innovations
  • Reduction of waiting times
  • Adherence to procedure scheduling thanks to adequate product availability
  • Improved quality of care