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What is PerfORmance?

It is NGC Medical’s IT solution for monitoring a hospital’s performance of the patient pathway 

The surgical unit is a critical resource for every hospital, and its optimal use is critical to providing timely, quality services to patients. 

In these times of dwindling resources, it’s helpful to understand how your hospital is performing along the surgical patient’s pathway — from the ward to the operating room — to identify areas of opportunity for improvement, including more efficient scheduling

PerfORmance, NGC Medical’s integrated digital solution, was developed to analyze a hospital’s pathway performance during admission, as well as pre- and post-procedure and also assess the departments’ and operating rooms’ capacity to accommodate additional patients. 

The data collected by PerfORmance enables our team of consultants to propose the most effective solutions to maximize the efficient use of your critical hospital resources, such as the surgical unit and wards. 

What PerfORmance Software does?

Our PerfORmance software allows you to consistently track the most important data related to operating room utilization times and department connections. It also allows for the collection of data for each individual procedure, including: 

  • Type of procedure  
  • Patient dispatch from the department 
  • Patient entry and exit from the room 
  • Start and end of the procedure, and more  

These data are used by our consultants to assess the rate of use and efficiency of the surgical unit. This, along with other factors, becomes the basis of a report that outlines the complexity of the current patient pathway before, during, and after the surgical procedure. 


  • Provides statistical data that informs NGC Medical’s strategic consulting 
  • Allows for the optimization of the workflow within the surgical unit, saving time and costs 
  • Has a clear and intuitive layout, with access and functions differentiated according to the skills and role of the user 
  • Comes with tablets that enables the tool to be used in the operating room and on the ward 

Why choose PerfORmance?

By tracking data along the patient care pathway, PerfORmance allows you to identify critical areas and opportunities for improvement to help your hospital achieve an optimized pathway and improved efficiency that creates value across the entire healthcare supply chain. 

This software not only provides you with accurate date that enables our data-driven strategic consulting, but also an opportunity to: 

  • Optimize the patient pathway from the ward to the operating room and vice versa 
  • Establish efficient utilization of critical resources such as surgical unit, ward, and medical and nursing staff 
  • Improve operating room performance 

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