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Change Management

Our NGC Medical Strategic Consulting services are designed to optimize and develop your business 

Healthcare facilities are faced with a major challenge: Figuring out how to meet the growing demand for care with high quality services in the face of increasingly scarce resources. 

Our consulting services help healthcare facilities meet this challenge by improving their results, identifying the best opportunities to invest in innovation, and maximizing the value offered to patients. We do all of this while reducing costs by identifying and eliminating waste and following the established principles of Lean continuous process improvement. 

Our consultants, with their deep management and clinical expertise, will help you to: 

  • Optimize and reduce operating costs 
  • Improve patient quality of service and accelerate the patient journey to improve capacity 
  • Enhance your clinical resources, such as staff, equipment, and operating rooms 
  • Optimize your center’s clinical and operational efficiency 
  • Implement digital innovation in your center to improve accuracy and efficiency 

 Our Services 

Our consulting team’s services can be grouped into three major areas: 

  1. Growth, with the aim of improving patient access to care and enhancing the reputation of healthcare facilities to attract new patients 
  2. Capacity and efficiency, with the objective of optimizing the use of existing resources and expanding capacity 
  3. Quality of care, with the objective of evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of care delivery based on Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) principles 

How we work 

To help healthcare facilities meet the various challenges they face every day, our consultants work closely with all hospital staff, both clinical and administrative, tailoring discussions to the different needs and requirements of hospitals and clinics. 

We start by conducting a comprehensive and detailed analysis in the field using our proprietary information systems. Then we identify critical areas and opportunities for improvement. And finally, working together with you and your team, we build sustainable, customized solutions, complete with monitoring and planning tools to ensure your facility is operating at maximum efficiency. 

We provide ongoing support throughout the implementation process to help your facility achieve efficient, tangible, and long-lasting results that follow the logic of continuous improvement. 

The benefits 

For the hospital

  • Better resource utilization 
  • Greater cost-efficiency and capacity 
  • Customized solutions and data-driven analytics 

For patients

  • Improved quality of care 
  • Reduced waiting lists 
  • Optimized patient pathway 
  • Increased engagement along the care pathway 

For physicians & care team  

  • More time to manage patients 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Improved patient care 
  • Continuous improvement mindset and a culture of excellence