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Environment, Health and Safety

Our Commitment

N.G.C. Medical Srl considers it a primary need to reconcile the growth of the company’s business with the minimum level of impact on the Environment in compliance with the continuous improvement of Health and Safety conditions at Work, through the adoption of the best technically and economically sustainable practices, committing itself to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases through the implementation of a Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2023.

N.G.C. Medical Srl carries out its activities with the utmost care in compliance with the contractual commitments undertaken towards customers, with the aim of meeting the needs of all interested parties and continuously improving its services. In order to achieve the above, the Organization is equipped with an Organization and Management Model adopted and effectively implemented relating to the crimes referred to Legislative Decree 231/01 and subsequent amendments, art. 25-speties and art. 25-undecies.

Priority is given to the following needs:

  • ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, local regulations and corporate directives.
  • identify and manage the company’s processes that have significant impacts on the environment, on the health and safety of employees, visitors and contractors present in the company;
  • operate in the logic of continuous improvement of qualitative, environmental and Health and Safety performance.

The following are fundamental characteristics of the Organization’s Management Systems:

  • commitment and assumption of responsibility at all levels of the Organization, in order to pursue the identified objectives.
  • an understanding of the context in which the Organisation operates, and the needs and expectations of all stakeholders (including workers);
  • Leadership and the Management’s commitment to sharing the requirements of management systems.
  • the identification of hazards, environmental impacts, assessment of risks and opportunities;
  • the regulation of activities that have an impact on the environment (waste, discharges, emissions) or risks to health and safety (potential SIF risks) through the adoption of documented procedures;
  • the verification and analysis of the effectiveness of the processes to prevent non-conformities and risk situations with the potential to determine them;
  • the activation of internal and external communication channels also aimed at improving the involvement and awareness of all interested parties;
  • ensuring the necessary education and training skills for all those working within or for the Organisation;
  • communication and cooperation with contractors, customers and suppliers by disseminating the EHS Policy;
  • maintaining a relationship of transparency, dialogue, and availability with all stakeholders, with the social partners, the local communities as well as the Supervisory Body;
  • the periodic review of indicators, objectives and the management of new processes that determine change within the organization.

Our Certifications