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Wingesc Web

What is Wingesc Web?

It is NGC Medical’s solution for managing the hospital warehouse and monitoring costs, consumption, and procedures

We developed our software solution, Wingesc Web, to integrate the management of hospital warehouses. The software completes our Managed Service offering, in which we oversee the management, supply, and maintenance of a hospital’s operating rooms, laboratories of hemodynamics, and hybrid rooms. 

What does Wingesc Web do?  

Wingesc Web makes it possible to: 

  • Monitor the costs and consumption of each procedure 
  • Assign this information to a cost center 
  • Track the products used to help ensure maximum traceability and safety to patients 
  • Obtain information on stocks, orders, and deliveries 

In addition, Wingesc Web simplifies the replenishment process by enabling the user to check orders, automate them, or issue them manually according to the needs of the hospital or department. It also can create a series of customizable reports to keep track of consumption, upcoming deadlines, and inventory. And for security, each user with username and password can interface only to the functions for which they are authorized. 

Why Choose Wingesc Web?  

Wingesc Web facilitates the procurement of the entire stock of materials needed to perform hospital activities, bringing numerous benefits to the hospital and medical staff. 

Because all OR, hemodynamic laboratory, or hybrid room activity revolves around the health and protection of the patient, our Wingesc Web accompanies operators in all phases of patient management and materials used, ensuring maximum safety and traceability

With its built-in barcode recognition system, Wingesc Web makes it simple to track the materials used. Plus, the software is designed to be used even without watching the screen, with sound alerts that indicate whether products used in the procedure are input correctly into the software. These features are designed to ensure maximum usability of the software while streamlining work in the operating room. 

Advantages for the Bursar Office   

With our deep clinical experience, we are well aware of the problems that can occur within the bursar’s office. We understand the hospital’s need to manage limited resources, keep technology updated, and reduce waste, including ensuring that all activity and work flows are as efficient as possible. 

This is why Wingesc Web allows you to create customizable reports on consumption, enabling you to monitor costs in real time to ensure maximum vigilance to the bottom line. The software can be integrated with your hospital’s information system and be used as a single flexible and reliable interface for the management of the hospital’s activities. 

Our Onsite Service Delivery Team

Making warehouse management and inventory levels more efficient to eliminate waste and improve workflows is one of the cornerstones of NGC Medical’s Managed Service. That’s why we offer personalized, onsite hospital supply management from the warehouse to your hospital facility. 

With lengthy field experience and meticulous attention to product quality, our service delivery team works directly inside your hemodynamic laboratories, operating theatres or hybrid operating theatres, taking care of stock planning, procurement, replenishment and management of medical products.  

Through Wingesc Web, our operators can ensure the ready availability of materials needed for each daily activity, while managing emergencies and requests in a timely manner. Our software enables them to: 

  • Monitor consumption in real time, so you can identify and remedy urgent issues 
  • Optimize product replenishment 
  • Manage and track product orders 
  • Control consumption, inventory, and orders 
  • Monitor upcoming deadlines 
  • Perform periodic total or partial inventories 
  • Create customized and downloadable consumption, procedures, or warehouse movements reports 
  • Manage product registries and track products used for the protection of patients 













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