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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy provides information on how cookies and similar technologies are used on this website of N.G.C. Medical S.r.l., located at Via Salvo d’Acquisto 8/14, Turate (CO) (“NGC”) and related mobile sites, applications (“apps”), electronic newsletters or widgets that link to this Cookie Policy, so that you can make an informed choice about accepting cookies.

What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small text file that is placed and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device or Internet browser by websites or apps you visit. Cookies allow small amounts of information to be transferred from your device to the website operator’s web server. They allow websites to recognize your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device as you browse. Web-beacons, pixels, JavaScript and other tracking technologies also use cookies and use invisible images or code to collect information about each user session in a manner similar to cookies. Depending on the length of the cookie, you may define cookies as single-session cookies or persistent cookies.

Single session Cookie

A single session cookie is deleted when you close the website. A single session cookie may allow a website to remember data as you navigate the site, but the cookie will be removed when you log out or close the web page or browser. For example, a single session cookie may be used to allow features such as shopping carts to remember if you have added an item to your cart while you search for other items you wish to purchase on the website.

Persistent Cookies

A persistent cookie remembers a user’s visit for a specific period of time. It remains stored on your device or Internet browser for that time (it could be minutes, days or months) after you log out or close your browser. For example, persistent cookies may be used to store whether you have selected certain preferences on a website (such as language selection).

How do Cookies work on the NGC website?

NGC uses both single-session and persistent cookies. Cookies and other similar technologies are used by NGC for a variety of reasons. Cookies are sometimes necessary for the website to function properly and allow features such as shopping carts and secure logins to work. Cookies allow us to count visitors to the website and learn how the website and its features are being used, allowing us to continually improve the user experience. Cookies can also allow the content of a website to be tailored to each user’s preferences. For details on the cookies used on this website by NGC, please see below.

Cookies used

The cookies that may be used on this website by NGC can be categorized as follows:

Strictly necessary or essential cookies

These cookies are necessary to ensure that this website functions properly and securely, allowing you to navigate within the website, use its features and record your preferences regarding the use of cookies on each device. Without these cookies, certain features (such as log-in to access controlled sections of the website or to enable an online shopping cart to track items for purchase) would not be available and you would not be able to use certain services offered by the website. These cookies do not collect information about you for marketing purposes and they are generally not used to track Internet activity.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow a website to remember the options you select (including user role authentication, acceptance disclaimer and language), your username if relevant and any customization you make (such as font size) or personalization options as part of your online experience. They may also be used to provide certain services that you can use, such as video content or allowing you to leave comments on a blog.

Media players such as Adobe Flash Player or FlowPlayer may be used to deliver special content, such as video clips or animations. In this case, local shared objects (known as “Flash cookies”) are used to recognize the device in order to provide features such as storing player settings and preferences. Similarly, content may be embedded on the website from the official YouTube channel which, when clicked, will cause cookies to be set on each device by YouTube.

Analytics – Performance cookies

These cookies are used to manage and improve the operation of the website and can help identify issues you may have with the use of online services on the site. These cookies may be used to facilitate online surveys, record visitor numbers and other web analytics metrics. These cookies are not used to target you with online advertising. Without these cookies NGC would have limited information about how the website is performing and there would be less opportunity to make relevant improvements to the browsing experience. Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics data retention periods are set at 25 months as a standard.

Marketing, social media content sharing cookies

This website may include an embedded link that allows you to log into your social media account to share content or comments. Social sharing cookies for AddThis and similar services may use cookies to identify you as a member of the social media network in question.

Cookies used for marketing purposes, “Anonymous Cross Site Tracking Cookies”

These cookies are used to track visitors across different websites. They can be used to create a content search profile or consumption history for visitors to different sites. Identifiable or unique data may be collected. These cookies may be used to personalize content or item recommendations when shopping online, to confirm whether ads have been clicked, and to track what external content (e.g., YouTube videos) have been viewed. Anonymized data may be shared with third parties.

Third Party Targeting And Advertising Cookies

These cookies enable tracking of browsing habits and activities to enable the display of personalized marketing content by third parties. Third-party cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels, allow analytics providers, ad networks, social media providers, and advertisers to track online activity over time for such purposes as behavioral advertising, analytics, and market research. Personally identifiable information may be collected and used to display targeted advertising.

Marketing, e-mail cookies

In addition to the cookies used on the website, cookies and similar technologies are used in emails. These cookies help us understand whether you have opened an email and how you have interacted with the site. Cookies can also be set by clicking on a link within the email and interacting with pages on the website.

Details of the cookies that may be used

Cookie type, purpose and duration

Strictly necessary or essentialSMSession JSESSIONID SessionIDUser input cookies (for registration and/or login forms) Single session cookies or permanent cookies limited to a few hours in some cases
Strictly necessary or essential NewUser UserUsed for authentication servicesSingle session Cookie
Strictly necessary or essential Adobe Tag Manager (DTM); Sat_Track: Google Tag Manager (GTM)Used to control cookies for site visit analysis and the preferences on each deviceSingle session and persistent cookies
FunctionalitiesisMobile, isIPad CSSCookieIt allows customization of the display according to the device usedSingle session Cookies
Media content or video viewing session cookiesAdobe Target (Mbox) YouTube Embed-player Html5 playerFor videos from official YouTube channel using YouTube privacy-optimized mode. This mode may set cookies on your computer after clicking on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally identifiable cookie information for playing embedded videos using privacy-optimized mode. Also, a Flash video player and FlowPlayer may be used.Single session Cookies
Analytics/PerformanceGoogle Analytics  Third-party analytics cookies are generated by the domain of the website you visit. They are used to collect information about how visitors use the website. Information is used to compile reports on web and mobile traffic and to improve the website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, where visitors came from before visiting the website, and the pages they visited.Single session and persistent cookies
Analytics/Performance  Adobe SiteCatalyst AnalyticsAnalytics cookies also from third parties are used to collect information about how visitors use the website. Third-party cookies are set by analytics SaaS websites that belong to a domain different and distinct from the domain of the website you visit displayed in your browser address bar. Third-party cookies and trackers are used to monitor application performance and operational statistics. Single session and persistent cookies
Analytics/PerformanceDynatraceThird-party cookies and trackers used to monitor application performance and operational statistics.Single session or persistent cookies
Marketing, social media content Addthis.comAllows a registered member of a social network to choose to share content.Single session or persistent cookies 
Marketing, anonymous cross site targeting  Google Analytics Adobe Target Experience Targeting e personalizzazione. Tracciamento dell’API di YouTube  These cookies may be used to personalize recommendations for content to be offered or items when shopping online, to confirm whether ads have been clicked on, and to keep track of what external content (e.g. YouTube videos) have been viewedSingle session or persistent cookies
Marketing, third party targeted Demandbase BrightFunnel Terminus Facebook Amazon Google Search AdWords Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter Mathtag ADNXS TAPAdThird-party advertising cookies are cookies that are set by websites that belong to a domain that is different and distinct from the domain of the website you visit that is displayed in your browser’s address bar.Single session or persistent cookies 
Marketing, cookies in emailsEloqua SalesForce Marketing Cloud MarketoThird-party image pixels or cookies that help understand whether an email recipient opened an email and how you interacted with it. Cookies can also be set if you click on a link within the e-mail.Single session or persistent cookies 

Privacy and Cookie – Your personal data

In some cases, the information communicated through cookies, particularly when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by servers, may be used to create individual profiles. In this way, the information collected may not be considered anonymous, but could be personal data that could allow the identification of a particular individual. NGC may combine the information it receives using cookies with that from other sources, such as affiliated websites. In the event that any personal information is available to NGC through data collected via cookies, the Privacy Policy, available here, provides further details about how such personal information may be used and your rights in this regard.

User choices: how to control cookies

You have several options to control how cookies are used on your device or browser. You can choose to be notified when cookies are set, you can delete cookies that have already been set, and you can choose to refuse all or certain cookies. For more details on the options available, visit or

Please note that if you make updates to your browser or device settings or use an online link to disable cookies, those updates will only apply to the device where you made the changes.

If you disable or block all cookies, the NGC website will not function effectively. In addition, disabling or blocking certain cookies may mean that some features offered by NGC may not work as intended, or you may not have access to certain features or personalization settings.

Browser setting

Most browser settings allow you to adjust your settings to be notified when a cookie is set or updated, or can restrict or block certain types or all cookies. Please see the “Help” section of your browser for more information.

Device settings

Your device settings may also prevent mobile app platforms (such as Apple or Google) from sharing with NGC certain information obtained through automated means.

Disabling specific cookies

You can also disable specific cookies directly with the cookie provider. For more details, please follow the links below:


Adobe Analytics:

Google Analytics:



Flash Player:


Social Media Content Sharing

Facebook Social Plugin:

Google Plus:



Targeted third-party advertising cookies

For more information on how to disable advertising cookies, please see:

• In the European Union:

•In the United States: or

– In Canada:

Please note that opting out of advertising cookies does not remove advertising from the pages you visit; it will simply mean that the ads that are displayed will not be matched to your interests and browsing history.


If, at any time, you have questions or requests regarding this policy, please contact NGC at or in writing at N.G.C. Medical S.r.l., located at Via Salvo d’Acquisto 8/14, Turate (CO).

Date and modifications

This version of the cookie policy was last revised on October 1, 2021. It is possible that this cookie policy may be updated in the future.